martedì 26 gennaio 2016

Reinessance, Protestant Reform, rise of capitalsim and bigotry

The standard interpretation of the Protestant reformation is that it was a trmendous stimulous to modernity and that the Protestant ethic is at the base of the rise of capitalism. But it can be read another way round. Capitalism was already born in XIV century in Central Italy, in particular in Florence and in Siena but also in other "liberi comuni" (free municipalities). The tradesman that at that time ruled Florence and Siena braught a rediscovery of Ancient Rome and the art and sciences of the Paganism. Reinessance menans indeed rebirth. The Catholic Church adopted enthusiastically this rediscovery, but the peoples of the north, in particular the Germans, understood this embracing of the Ancient world of paganis, In other word, the Protestant Reform was an act of biogrtry.

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