mercoledì 26 aprile 2017

Alitalia e Montepaschi

Senza entrare nel merito della questione Alitalia - che viene da decenni di gestione che definire pessima è eufemistico - mi lasciavano però perplesse le dichiarazioni delle forze politiche e dei giornali che gridano al danno per i contribuenti rappresentato da un eventuale salvataggio dell'azienda - a fronte del fiume di denaro versato per salvare le banche e in particolare Montepaschi. Certo, il fallimento di una banca ha ricadute molto più drammatiche del fallimento di un'azienda, ma le perplessità rimangono.

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

Hayek, Keynes and Friedman

It is commonly believed that the main opponent of von Hayek was Keynes,. Of course Hayek was a liberist. but his main monetary policy, in particular the Federal Reserve, whose program was the foundation not of Keynesian politics but of monetarist politics, such as those of Milton Friedman. Of Course Thatcher said that she took inspiration from Hayek liberism, but this was only a rhetorhical boast, since. for instance, Hayek ideas would have prevented the Paulison project of the right wing Buhs Jr just after tje 2008 crise-

domenica 9 aprile 2017

Crisis war, China USA

Are we out of the crise or the rubbish titlesa re still all among us? I dont known (They certainly wikll not tell us), but I suspect that in weither case this is a big trouble for USA. In the first case the crise was essentially paid by China, and this meand the end of the economic supremacy of America, in the second case we are still with a longering crise and this means thath we simply postponed the effects of the crisis. All this summed up, together with the aggressive attidude of Trump, seem to point to an imminent war, maybe with China, maybe on a smaller scale. War endend the crise of '29 and amybe somebody thinks the same can happen today, but the problem is that America and Great Britain are hugely indebted, and wars cost.