lunedì 11 settembre 2017

Lyotard, Auschwitz, evil, complexity

Lytorad mantains that the horror of Aushwitz, which is realt but not rational, falsifies the fundamental assumption fo Hefel "what is real is rational": And yet even Auschwitz has a meaning: it is a lesson about what is the absolute eveil, and I dare say that humankind has largely learned the lesson. It was not necessary: had man be more wise and less terrified by communism Hitler could have been avoided - nothing is stricltly necessary, and the idea of Lyotard arises from the confusion between rationality and necessity. Two or more outcomes can follow logically from a single cause, and many causes can lead to a single outcome. In quantum mechanics - which has the rationality and rigour of mathematics - many - usually even infinte - outcomes are possible, differently from the unique consequences of a cause in classical mechanics.
Post-modernism realizes that the solution of an equation can not be unique, that the world is a mutliverse, and yet it does not realize fully the consequences of this shift of paradigm - which can happen only with the shift to the systemic or complex thinking. Paradoxically, systemic thinking is much easier from a the point of departure of dialectic - at least this is my personal experience

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