domenica 4 ottobre 2015

Politically correct

I was reading ana rticle by Slavoy Žizek which criticizes the political correct in American univiersitez. A part drom the canonical but useless refrence to psychanalisis, the Sloveniana uthors claims that life hurts. and that it is senseless to create a guarded haven in university campuses. I ponderd over this question, Of course nobody wants to anesthetize the experience of living, and it is fundamental to recognize that pain and pleasure are cloesely interconntected even in the sweetest of relationship (the reference to psychanalysis means simply this). But I incline for the reasons of polytacl correctness. Pain and prevarication are not the same: there is a pain which arises from effort and confrontation, and a pain which arises from prevarication; the former is rare, the latter is much too common, and Žizek does not acknowledge this fundamental difference. It is by mo neamns unsensible or anesthetizing to experimtn a world without prevarication at least inside the walls of the campus. Of course this comes at a cost, since literature reflects society and society is fiull of prevarication; I think for instance to the Merchant of Venice, which today is impossible to represent for his declared antisemithism, but which is nonethless a unique masterpiece; perhaps it should be read again as a document of a sentimetn that was very widesperad bfore World War II but today is impossible.

The problem in my opinion is not in the politically correct, but in the fact that this attempt is limited to the university campuses, and compeltely unattended outside.

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