sabato 4 febbraio 2017

Geniuses are stealers

Picasso said that good artist copy but geniuses steal. The reason is that cubism was not invented by him, but by African artistis. The "demoiselles d'Avignon" pays hommage to Africa in the ugly mask on the right (in fact it is unvolountarily a short hisotry of African art, from the striking realism of Ife and Nok cultures to the almost abstract art of Yoruba)

But Picasso was too modest (as often geniuses are): 1) first of all, everybody thought that African masks and statues were little more than the horrid attempts of half-monkeys (realistc figures were still unknown); only a genius like Picasso could understand the sophistication and conciousness of African art 2) Picasso at least did a work of translation of African art into Western canons. In particular, African artist make no preparatory drawings, whereas "les demoiselles d'Avignon" was carefully prepared and is obviously the product of a sublime master of drawing

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