lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Enduring love

I have read McEwan's novel "enduring novel". I don't know if it is a great novel, but it is illumianting. Its core meaning is science and rationalism as religious (metaphysical) justification of the bourgeois way of life. I dare say that the meaning of my life - if life has a meaning - is that the burgeousis way of life and all the bourgeouis way of thinking are agains reaston. Today this means a rather solitary lfie, since we have married the bourgeois way of life with irraionalism.

I report an excerpt of the novel:

" We live in a mist of half-shared, unreliable perceptions, and our sense data come warped by a prims of desire and belief, which tilted out memories too. (...) Pityless objectivity, especially about ourselves was always a doomed social strtegy, We're descended from the passionate, indignant tellers of half truths  that in order to convince others, simultaneously convinced themselves. (...) This is why there re divorces, border diputes and wars, and this is why this statue ofthe Virgin weeps blood and that one of Ganesh drinks milk. And that was shy metaphysics and science were such curageous etrprises (..) huma artifacts set against the grain of human nature Disinterested truths".

This is a surprendent example of self-convinced half-truths: we ebguile ourselves, but is necessary very much beguilement to say that hat divorce from misunderstanding, and not from the fact that sometimes love ends, and that.wars arise self-deception and nio from conflicting interests. From this to say that our wars are disinterested truth ant the wars of other are due to ignorance - like in the Middle West today -  is just a small step further.

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